You’re never very far from home

We were having lunch in the cafe at the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford today, and Kathy ordered a London Meantime Pale Ale to go with her prosciutto, melon and shaved parmesan and the rocket (arugala) and tomato salad (it came without the tomatoes).

Notice the line at the top of the label: "Win a trip to the Yakima Valley"
Notice the line at the top of the label: “Win a trip to the Yakima Valley”

Staring at the bottle while I sipped my coffee (I’m the designated walker), I noticed the line on the label that says, “Win a trip to the Yakima Valley.”

The Yakima Valley? A two hour drive from Seattle? The one and the same?

Yes, it was. “One of the finest hops growing regions in the world,” the label continued. I immediately started reading about how to enter the contest, hoping that we could win an emergency ride back home in case we spend all our money while here. But the contest ended on August 31. So we will need to stop eating lunch at museum cafes.

Then I got to wondering what you would have your contest winner do while in Yakima. Visit a hops farm, of course. Probably a winery or two. Have Mexican food somewhere and maybe do a float on the Yakima River.

And on the next day?

A pub crawl to all the bars in Yakima?

Any suggestions? The contest winner may already be there.

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