Stuart Lancaster, U.S. rugby could use you

Stuart Lancaster, the head coach of the down and out English Rugby World Cup team, may be contemplating his very uncertain future this week and in doing so, he ought to consider taking over as head coach of the USA Eagles.

Never mind that the job isn’t open right now, but with no wins and no bonus points in the standings for U.S. Coach Mike Tolkin, job security should not be words that get tossed around freely in the Tolkin household.

And for Lancaster, it could be the perfect job. He could probably use some time out of the limelight, and the game in America doesn’t exactly occupy center stage. He notoriously took the England team to Colorado this year for biking and river rafting to bind the team together. Come to America, Stuart, and you can bike and raft all you want, with the Eagles or without.

What a job for restoring your reputation. Win one game in 2019 and you will improve on the U.S. World cup perforance 100 percent. Win two and you will have equaled what you did with England this year. Win three and you will have matched what Eddie Jones did with Japan this year.

Eddie Jones? Isn’t he looking for work as well?

Never mind, Stuart.

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