2016 Mad Schemes have gone forth

All done. Group on the recovery floor
Celebrating at the top of the Big Climb. Can you spot the Bernie Sanders’ resemblance?

How did it get to be July 4 already? And why have I been so negligent about updating this blog?

The answer to both of those questions is: I’ve been busy, and time moves by quickly when you are busy.

Part of the busy has been seven weeks working back at The Seattle Times. But the 2016 Mad Schemes have also played a role in keeping me on the move. Here’s an update on those events:

BZ at finish
BZ at the Chilly Hilly finish line

Chilly Hilly bike ride, Feb. 28, 2016: I had a cold, which is my excuse for taking the short cut back to the ferry. Probably good that I did. BZ, who did the whole ride, reported that the wind was straight into riders’ faces on the latter part of the ride. Proud of her for coming across the finish line like the champ she is.

Big Climb, March 20: I hope I have sent a thank you to all who supported me in this charity event. If I missed anyone, please consider this a very heartfelt thank you. We raised more than $2.7 million for the Lymphoma and Leukemia Society to continue the fight against blood disease. Almost $2,000 of that came from money you donated to support my climb of 69 floors up the Columbia Tower in Seattle. They told me it would be strenuous, which is a puny word to describe the effort it took. I walked, not ran, to the top, but I made it in time to pose with the rest of the Seattle Athletic Club Northgate members who ran up the flights. The posted photo drew one comment that upset me a bit: “Who’s the Bernie Sanders looking guy on the left side?” Isn’t obvious that I am six years younger than my favorite Social Democrat?

Coming soon (I hope): The next four Mad Schemes accomplished this year.

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