We are fine in Shoreline, WA

Shoreline guard 1 2
Photo by David Ryder/Getty Image and misleading mashup by Fox News

Even though no one called to check on our well-being recently in light of protests, I thought I would assure everyone that we are OK here at home more than 10 miles from the Capital Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ).

The fact that no one called can be attributed to two things: Either no one cares about us or none of our friends and family watch Fox News.

Hope it is the latter.

6 thoughts on “We are fine in Shoreline, WA

  1. That guy in the green mask really gets around. You read the Times this morning. TV news at an all-time low. If you see that guy, send him to save us in West Seattle.

  2. John,

    Being that we live in Kirkland, about a mile away from the nursing home where the first case was diagnosed, I would have expected a few calls from friends as well. After considering all the options from the fact that they may be busy handling the demands of the current environment and the needs of their immediate families to devoting all their time to demonstrations, I have come to the obvious conclusion … no one loves me … which has been the case since my mother first started whacking me just because I was ugly.

    Hope all is well – bet you’re glad to be at home during these time. Looking forward to when rugby can be played once again with rucks & mauls and full body tackling – just need to get in shape 😊 (Yeah, sure)



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