Entries in my presidential handicapping charity event

Don K. 5 wrong: OK, here’s my prediction. A LANDSLIDE Victory by Sleepy Joe.

Biden carries the States of: (1) Florida (this alone should be enough to cement Biden’s victory); (2) Maine (how did you get Maine wrong?); (3) Wisconsin; (4) Pennsylvania; and (5) Georgia (that’s right, even Georgia). (I must admit that I am a little concerned about North Carolina, however.)

Paul: 5 wrong.

These are the states: Wisconsin, Maine, Pennsylvania, Florida, and Georgia are all going to Biden.

David: 4 wrong:

In addition to your blue states, I’m predicting PA, Wi, MI and Florida!

Mary Jo: 3 wrong:

John, I am being optimistic maybe not realistic. I think Pennsylvania Florida, and the grand state of OHIO will go for Biden. I want a landslide for Biden.

Calvin: 2 wrong:

Penn and Wisc. to Biden !

Charley: 1 wrong

Maine to Biden. Shenanigans in counting ballots make me stop there.

Polls start closing in two hours. I’ll be watching.

2 thoughts on “Entries in my presidential handicapping charity event

  1. I didn’t vote in your thang, but I am worrying about Virginia. And North Carolina. And Arizona. I’m not sure how anyone would put FLA in the Biden column. Even I know that.


  2. Oh, I forgot to say my #1, not because it wasn’t in Biden column but because of Ohio’s history of always being on the winner side (nearly always): Ohio!


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