A blog post about a tragic day on the Colorado River

We are looking forward to a rafting trip through the Grand Canyon in 2022, and probably should not have read this. However, it is a reminder that there are heroes out there, that we should follow our guides (both on the river and off) and that nature is a very powerful thing.


3 thoughts on “A blog post about a tragic day on the Colorado River

  1. Wow. What a scary day! I don’t even remember reading about this. So far I have no bike trips planned for next year. I have ideas but that is all. I don’t think Becky or Carol will be able to take a long ride next year. MJ

  2. Hi John, What month are you going down the canyon and with which company?

    We went almost 30 years ago with Arizona Raft Adventures. Loved it. We were on one of the first of that season’s trips — in early May — before the thunderstorm season, which meant the water was free of red silt except for one day at the junction of the Little Colorado and the main river.


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