These biking women are at it again

Carol writes a better blog than I do. She rides her bike a lot better than I do. And she is doing it again — probably at the instigation of my sister. As Carol says in the first entry on her new blog:

“So, we’re riding again. Close to 1,500 miles over 21 days of riding. We will ride around Cape Breton Island on the Cabot Trail. We will then head along the coast of Nova Scotia and make our way to Prince Edward Island. We will cross the island and head back to the mainland of New Brunswick, where we will trace the coast northward. When we reach Quebec, we will wind around the Gaspe Peninsula, and then end our adventure in Quebec City.”

My sister assures me that I was not invited on this trip because of my poor showing on last year’s ride. I am still dealing with that. But never mind. My therapist has it covered.

Instead, I will be following Carol’s blog, and I invite you to do the same.

And Carol, Mary Jo, Don and Kurt, be careful. Ride and drive safely.

The blog:

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  1. John, we love you and we miss you. We start tomorrow. Hopefully Carol will be able to post tomorrow. Carol tried to post tonight but there was not enough signal to allow her to post.

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    1. We are off to the rented cabin on Lake Cav tomorrow. Taking my bike. We love and miss you too. I hope Carol gets the blog started.

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