Back to Egypt: Anna has the complete record

Anna taking notes on the photos she has taken on our trip to Egypt.

If you want the complete story of our trip to Egypt, you should read this. Anna is a better note-taker, an accurate writer and a wonderful traveling companion (as is Ian, her traveling companion).

Not as a criticism but a suggestion, Anna really should be writing a traveling blog with all of her internet information linked so readers can find them more easily. But in the meantime, here are links to some of the sites Anna has included in her PDF, which is below:

From Anna: “Watch the YouTube videos on the Rescue of Abu Simbel and be amazed”. I liked this one:

The Theban Mapping Project, which is excellent.

From Anna: “See YouTube videos on Dr. Weeks, including one done by the BBC”:

I while have your attention (I hope), I would like to direct you to a podcast brought to my attention by Will. It is from the BBC series “You’re Dead to Me”, which promotes learning history “with comedy and without the crippling student debt”:

Here is Anna’s report on our trip to Egypt (use the bar on the right to see all pages):

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