Couldn’t sleep at all until hearing the Ballard opera singer

After reading The Seattle Times story on Stephen Wall, the Ballard opera singer who gives free front yard concerts, I could not sleep until we had attended one, which we did last night. A nice walk from our friend’s house nearby, listened to the concert with several others (we should have brought our camping chairs) and then a walk for a nice sandwich at Un Bien, worth a revisit. I recommend the “Press, morsels of roasted pork nestled atop banana peppers, draped with slices of smoked ham, and Swiss cheese, melted together in a hot press.”

We were masked and physically distanced from Wall and others.

This has been the social event of the past four months.

In case you wanted to sing along, here are the lyrics:

No sleep!
Nessun dorma!

No sleep!
Nessun dorma!

You too, oh Princess
Tu pure, oh Principessa

In your cold room
Nella tua fredda stanza

Look at the trembling stars
Guardi le stelle che tremano

Of love and hope
D’amore e di speranza

But my mystery is closed in me
Ma il mio mistero è chiuso in me

No one will know my name
Il nome mio nessun saprà

No, no, I’ll say it on your mouth
No, no, sulla tua bocca lo dirò

When the light shines
Quando la luce splenderà

And my kiss will melt
Ed il mio bacio scioglierà

The silence that makes you mine
Il silenzio che ti fa mia

(No one will know his name
(ll nome suo nessun saprà

And we should, alas, die, die)
E noi dovrem, ahimè, morir, morir)

Vanish, oh night
Dilegua, oh notte

Set, stars
Tramontate, stelle

Set, stars
Tramontate, stelle

I’ll win at dawn
All’alba vincerò

Will win



2 thoughts on “Couldn’t sleep at all until hearing the Ballard opera singer

  1. You gadabout! Wish we lived closer so that we could come for a listen and a sandwich. We did visit some friends for a very “socially distant” with masks chat and attempts to make smores in a firepit on July 4th. Where is your next journey going to take you?

    1. We are going to have two friends over to our house tomorrow — with masks and socially distanced. We will order out food and eat and talk six feet apart. Not sure that qualifies as a “journey.”

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