Staying, and looking more closely, at home

Pileated head
A pileated woodpecker on one of the “environmental” trees (old and rotting) we have in our yard. Thanks to Jack B. for helping with technical issues on this shot.

Pileated body

We have barely left our home in the past five months. While I have hated to see planned trips to Arkansas, Ohio, Georgia and California go by the way side, I have started looking at our home more closely. Doing the best job on the vegetable garden in years (strawberry-rhubarb jam, raspberry jam and pickled beans stored for the winter as stay-at-home orders continue). And I have tried to photograph some of the nature that happens so close by.

Not good news for a bee. A goldenrod crab spider eating a bumble bee. Crab spiders don’t spin webs; they hide in blossoms and grab pollinators for their meals.

4 thoughts on “Staying, and looking more closely, at home

  1. Great photos, John! We have mainly sapsuckers/flickers out here but do get a pileated woodpecker once in awhile. Stay safe and healthy!

  2. Thanks. Left a message on your cell phone. Will try tomorrow afternoon. We are about to start an online class in 13 minutes.

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