If I get one of these right, it will be a miracle

 Claudia has left me no choice. I figured I’d do terrible at guessing Biden’s Cabinet, but then Claudia and her husband, Jim, said they would donate $100 to the non-political charity of choice for the winner of the Cabinet picks. So we are off.

The winner will be whoever picks the most number of Cabinet posts correctly. We are only doing those that are in the line of succession if the president can’t serve. There are 15 of them. Give me your list soon as Biden is busy making his picks.

If I get one right, it will be a miracle. Here are my picks:

Secretary of State, Department of State: Susan Rice. Cry more, Jim Jordan.

    Secretary of the Treasury, Department of the Treasury: Lael Brainard. OK, I saw this in the New York Times.

    Secretary of Defense, Department of Defense: John Kelly. Showed some sense in the Trump admin.

    Attorney General, Department of Justice: Vann Jones. Served in Obama admin, CNN commentator.

    Secretary of the Interior, Department of the Interior: Montana Gov. Steve Bullock. He’ll be happy to get out of the Treasure State now being run by a Flintstones Christian.

    Secretary of Agriculture, Department of Agriculture: Jon Doggett, CEO of National Corn Growers. Help the corn growers!

    Secretary of Commerce, Department of Commerce: Andrew Yang, one smart candidate for the Democratic presidential nominee in 2020.

    Secretary of Labor, Department of Labor: Courtney Jenkins is an active and outspoken leader for the American Postal Workers Union Local 181 in Baltimore. And lord knows the Post Office could use some help.

    Secretary of Health & Human Services, Department of Health and Human Services: Mitt Romney. Hey, he put together the Massachusetts ACA.

    Secretary of Housing & Development, Department of Housing and Urban Development: Keisha Lance Bottoms, mayor of Atlanta

    Secretary of Transportation, Department of Transportation: Julian Castro, served in Obama’s Cabinet

    Secretary of Energy, Department of Energy: Washington Gov. Jay Inslee

    Secretary of Education, Department of Education: Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers

    Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Department of Veterans Affairs: Scott Kelly, veteran and astronaut

    Secretary of Homeland Security, Department of Homeland Security: Alexander Vindman. You may recognize him from Trump’s impeachment.

5 thoughts on “If I get one of these right, it will be a miracle

  1. You may right with your selections but there are 2 or 3 that I have my doubts about. Mitt Romney has stated very publicly that he would not accept a cabinet post. I would hope that the Secretary of the Interior would come from 1 of the Native American tribes. Also Jay Inslee is probably too singular and doesn’t think broadly enough for the Energy post. I don’t have any idea who would work out for Homeland Security but I don’t think Alexander Vindman would be strong enough for that post. He would be good for the 2nd in command there. It would be interesting to put together a dream/idealistic cabinet to see who we pick — despite if they want that job or not. Thanks, John, for starting us off. Wish I knew the people better to offer better replacements.

  2. I have a dream of more diversity but had to look at the contenders, qualifications, and duties to come up with some selections.
    Secretary of State – Chris Coons
    Attorney General – Sally Yates
    Defense- Tammy Duckworth
    Treasury- Janet Yellen
    Homeland Security- Alejandro Mayorkas
    HHS- Vivek Murthy
    Labor -William Spriggs
    Education -Lily Garcia
    Transportation -Eric Garcetti
    HUD – Julian Castro
    Agriculture -Heidi Heitkamp
    Energy -Elizabeth Sherwood-Randall
    Interior -Deb Haaland

  3. I forgot
    Commerce – Terry McAuliffe
    Veterans Affairs- Pete Buttigieg
    he can’t take Mark Kelly away! Ducey would probably appoint McSally again. AZ just elected him.

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