A new list of Cabinet posts has arrived

Two more contenders have weighed in on choosing President-elect Biden’s Cabinet post. Judy’s comments on the last post had a very good idea here:

“I would hope that the Secretary of the Interior would come from 1 of the Native American tribes.”

She rules out Mitt Romney because he has said he would not serve in Biden’s administration. Probably not, but it seemed a chance worth taking. Judy’s other comments:

Jay Inslee is probably too singular and doesn’t think broadly enough for the Energy post.

Alexander Vindman would not be strong enough to lead Homeland Security. He would be good for the 2nd in command there.

Claudia gave us her Cabinet choices. I tried to avoid taking any Democratic Senators as Cabinet members because I don’t think Biden wants to take any chances on losing votes in the upper chamber. That would eliminate Coons and Duckworth.

But I like some of Claudia’s choices, especially Sally Yates as Attorney General and Heidi Heitkamp at Agriculture.

(Also, I’d take Scott Kelly, not Mark. We heard Scott talk before the pandemic. Impressive, and Mark can stay in the Senate.)

I have a dream of more diversity but had to look at the contenders, qualifications, and duties to come up with some selections.
Secretary of State – Chris Coons
Attorney General – Sally Yates
Defense- Tammy Duckworth
Treasury- Janet Yellen
Homeland Security- Alejandro Mayorkas
HHS- Vivek Murthy
Labor -William Spriggs
Education -Lily Garcia
Transportation -Eric Garcetti
HUD – Julian Castro
Agriculture -Heidi Heitkamp
Energy -Elizabeth Sherwood-Randall
Interior -Deb Haaland

Commerce – Terry McAuliffe
Veterans Affairs- Pete Buttigieg

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