In 1-on-1 race for picking Biden Cabinet posts, Claudia is leading

Guessing Biden’s Cabinet appointments
Sec. of StateChris Coons0Susan Rice0
Homeland Alejandro Mayorkas1Alexander Vindman0
Claudia has successfully picked Mayorkas as Biden’s Secretary of Homeland Security, giving her one point in our one-on-one contest to pick Biden’s Cabinet.

Our contest to name Biden’s new Cabinet came down to Claudia and I. There were criticisms of my guesses, but Claudia was the only one who submitted a full list of the Cabinet posts that are in the line of succession.

Claudia was so confident of winning that she included the non-political charity that she wants me to donate $100 dollars to: Enduring Hearts.

Frankly, I thought I would win this contest. Claudia graduated from Liberty Center High School (Go Tigers!) before me and probably never had Mr. Folk or Mr. Doughten as her history or Problems of Democracy teacher. That, I figured, gave me an advantage.

Not to be. In the early running, Claudia is up 1-0 over me.

So who were your history and POD teacheers, Claudia?

One thought on “In 1-on-1 race for picking Biden Cabinet posts, Claudia is leading

  1. John, I did have Mr. Folk for American History and Psychology. My favorite teacher. No POD class when I was there. Civics instead?

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