Down 3-0, I’ll be presidential, say I won in a landslide

If you were ever in a rugby game when your team was down 30 to nil, in a no-skunk softball game down 15 to zero or in a basketball game down 100 to a score too small to count, you will have sympathy here for me in this Biden Cabinet guessing game I took on against Claudia. She, obviously, was not guessing. She may have kept up on the news, done research and studied who had a chance at each Cabinet position. I should have outlawed all that when I laid out the rules.

So now she holds a 3-0 lead with only four more Cabinet picks to be made. I need to win three of the four left to tie, four to win and one to get on the score board or go off the pitch, the diamond or the court in disgrace. This is the point in the game where you tell the ref to just blow the whistle and end it all before it gets even worse.

No wonder she put up her charity in advance. Enduring Hearts ( get ready for a donation from Seattle soon.

Or, I could say over and over that I won in a landslide until 70 million people believe me, call for martial law and hold the contest all over again. Sort of in the 2020 way of being presidential.

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