Here’s how you lose: Concede, congratulate and go home

Here’s the way to do it, should anyone need some advice on how to lose. First, you concede: Claudia, you beat me, trounced me. Even if I pick the Secretaries of Commerce and Labor correctly, I can’t catch up to the three correct answers you gave.

Second, congratulate. Claudia, you were well prepared, conducted yourself in a sportswomanly fashion and you deserve the win, Congratulations!

Third, go home: I’m afraid I will not be able to attend your inauguration as the person who answered three of Biden’s Cabinet correctly. However, I will drop my donation of $100 to your charity of choice (Enduring Hearts ( as I head for my plane. And just to pardon me against any high crimes and misdemeanors that I have committed while in office, I will also send another $100 to the charity of my choice: Seattle Compassion Service

Next contest: What will our ex-president do on Jan. 20, 2021?

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