A return to Rattigan Glumphoboo’s regimen

I am back in the mood of Rattigan Glumphoboo from “Orlando” by Virginia Woolf where “whenever anything popped violently into her head, she went straight to the nearest telegraph office and wired” it. Take my blog post as a telegraph office and find whatever I am reading or hearing as whatever popped into my head recently. Here’s another one:

“Competition is life’s religion.”

  • Written by Frank Peters when he signed Will’s book roughly titled “A Bartenders Guide to Portland”

One thought on “A return to Rattigan Glumphoboo’s regimen

  1. John,

    I recognize Will (forget his last name) and Roy. Can you identify the others for me? Also, I don’t remember anyone dresses like the Jester in this photo. Could you identify ??

    This gets me thinking that it might be a fun/interesting/good idea to see what digital photos of early Jester days we can collect. Waddya think?



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