Walking on side streets that are slide streets

Just one hour of walking today. That gets me to 356.25 hours on my way to 365 hours of exercise before Jan. 1, 2022. Three days to go. Greg suggests a long bike ride, which I agree with if the streets were not filled with ice and snow. And why, I ask, are these snow plows sitting in a parking lot when most side streets are mostly slide streets?

Three hours of exercise for the next three days would get me to 365 hours of exercise in 2021, with 15 minutes to spare. Yes, I am a dreamer.

One thought on “Walking on side streets that are slide streets

  1. As a person who might or might not qualify for the 265 Club, much less 365, this is super impressive and exciting to watch as the year comes to a close — even if it might be starting to be reminiscent of Seahawks stories recently that included comments such as “While it is still statistically possible, per NFLAnalyst.com the chances are getting slim.” Rooting for you, John, but be sure to wear your YakTrax, it is definitely not worth a broken hip!

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