Trouble ahead: 6.75 hours of exercise in two days

At Bill’s suggestion, I dug out my YakTrax. Unfortunately, they were in the bottom of our box of cold weather clothing. So the box had to be emptied to find them. The fortunate thing is that we found several items of clothing that we can give to “cold weather items” for YouthCare, being collected at the Paramount Theater here in Seattle.

I also think I should get credit for an hour of exercise for wrestling to get the YakTrax on my boots. But no. Cheaters never prosper.

Only two hours of walking today, which brings me to 358.25 hours enroute to 365 hours by Jan. 1, 2022. Kathy walked with me today. Here she is trying to get her gloves on. This is Seattle with gentle marine weather. Gloves are rarely needed.

I also dug out my Liberty Center Tigers hat that was knitted for me by Grandma Saul. Still fits. So maybe I don’t have a big head.

But look at the size of that tree trunk! It must have been planted right after the Lake Missoula Flood 14,000 years ago. Five blocks away but we have never noticed it before.

As far as reaching the goal of the Club 365 (365 hours of exercise in one year), I am in serious trouble: 6.75 hours to go in two days.

The plan: Walk to athletic club = 1.5 hours; stationary bike = 1 hour; walk home = 1.5 hours. That totals four hours times two (Thursday and Friday) and I will make it. Maybe.

Except that my “Dark Sky” app says that it is starting to snow in Shoreline, WA. Is there a snow day allowed in the Club 365?

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