360 hours of exercise in the year 2021

I called in sick. After walking 1.75 miles on Thursday — but not to the club for an hour on the stationary bike and another walk home, as promised — I slept in Friday morning after picking someone up at the airport late Thursday night. Not COVID symptoms, but not in top form either. So I called in sick.

My Thursday walk brought me to 360 hours of exercise in 2021, five hours short of the goal in Club 365: 365 hours of exercise in a year. Somewhat discouraged, but Kathy said, “Look on the bright side: You had 360 hours of exercise this year.” I’ll do better in 2022 when the pandemic will go away, I will go to warm places to exercise, hike, bike, kayak, walk, and all will be better.

Happy New Years to all of you, and keep on exercising.

One thought on “360 hours of exercise in the year 2021

  1. John,

    We are well into the age when we just aren’t the physical gods we used to be. My mind keeps telling me that I just need a bit more exercise to be as good as I used to be. But my body keeps replying, “What? Are you some kind of a nut? Accept the fact that you aren’t in our 20’s anymore.”



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